Time has an End is a study of the Bible that is concerned with the entire history oftimebook the world. God has pre-determined in exquisite detail, the entire program for this world including its salvation.
Whenever anything happens, it has been precisely pre-planned by God. God is the Creator of time, and therefore, He is the Ruler of time (Colossians 1:16-17).ExploreThrough your exploration of this book, you will discover that the timeline of history is not governed by the rise and fall of civilizations or social structures, or anything else that mankind may consider of great value or importance. Rather, it is governed by the unfolding of God’s pre-planned salvation program. It was planned and initiated in eternity past, unfolds in time, and will continue into eternity future (Romans 11:36; Ephesians 1:10). Between these two eternities are the approximately 13,000 years of the existence of this universe which, of course, includes our planet Earth.


Examine this timeline of God’s preplanned salvation program. This, of course, means that we will identify dates which may relate to the timing of the end of the world. Our conclusions, even those which relate to the future, will not be formed capriciously or for the purpose of gaining undue attention. As we discover important milestones along the timeline of history, we will see their strategic relationships to what the Bible discloses about future time events.

The Bible

The Bible is a Book that is absolutely true and trustworthy. It is the centerpiece, the keystone of this study.

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