About the Author

hcpicHarold Camping – is a Bible scholar and well-known speaker, and host of a daily nationwide “live” television and radio “phone in” talk program, called the “Open Forum.” He has been on the air since 1961, and is heard on about 150 radio stations, in such areas as: New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, DC, Charleston, Jacksonville, Tampa, Chicago, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Des Moines, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Phoenix, and, Seattle. The Open Forum is also translated into many foreign languages and together with other Family Radio programming is broadcast worldwide via Short-wave, and a network of AM/FM stations. Additionally, most of this worldwide programming is aired by means of Internet (www.familyradio.com).
He is also the President and co-founder of the worldwide ministry of Family Radio, which he together with two others formed in 1958, as the non-profit ministry of Family Stations, Inc., and serves as a full-time volunteer.

In addition, Mr. Camping has authored about 30 books and booklets most of which are available free of charge from Family Radio. He has also appeared on many radio and TV programs, promoting his books, including the nationwide “Larry King Live” Show.

Time Has An End has been written with the purpose of underscoring God’s timeline for His preplanned salvation program for the entire world. The age that we currently live in, has been placed on a pedestal, focusing our attention on both the events of the past and future, as God uncovers many of His sacred mysteries that have been hidden for centuries in the Bible regarding this earth’s existence – Does it have an end? And if so, how close could we be to that time? “It is my hope, that all who read this book would be taken deeply into God’s Word the Bible, to examine it thoroughly to discover for one-self, God’s message to mankind.”