About the Book

Time Has An End – has been written with the purpose of underscoring God’s timeline for His preplanned salvation program for the entire world. The age that we currently live in, has been placed on a pedestal, focusing our attention on both the events of the past and future, as God uncovers many of His sacred mysteries that have been hidden for centuries in the Bible.
  • Who is the Anti-Christ?
  • When is the Rapture?
  • Will Israel build the Temple again?
  • Will Christ return to Jerusalem?
  • When was the World Created?
  • In which year did Noah’s Flood Occur?
  • When did the Dinosaurs live?
  • When is the exact date of Christ’s birth?
  • How old was Jesus when he was crucified?
  • In what year is the world likely to end?
These questions, together with many others relate to the mysteries that have been hidden in the Bible for centuries. Time Has An End, contains over 500 pages filled with this kind of information.

The authority that governs each and every conclusion set forth in the book, Time Has An End, is always the Bible, which is shown to be God’s supreme Law Book, that intimately relates to each and every person on planet Earth. The Bible alone, and its entirety, as it was originally written, is the Word of God. Therefore, even though at times the Bible is difficult to understand, it is to be trusted implicitly as the Word of God; and therefore, is absolutely true in everything that it declares. “It is my hope, that all who read this book would be taken deeply into God’s Word the Bible, to examine it thoroughly to discover for one-self, God’s message to mankind.” (Harold Camping)

For information about receiving a free copy of the book, contact: familyradio@familyradio.com