Time Has An End

Time Has An End
A Biblical History of the Worldby Harold Camping
Family Stations Inc.


Table of Contents

Preface xi
Correction by the Bible xi
Progressive Revelation xii
End Times xiv
II Timothy 3:16 Applied xiv
How Should One Teach the Bible ? xvi
Why Would God Give Us End-Times Dates? xviii
Jonah Gives An Exact Time for Destruction to Happen xix
Time Has An End xx
Chapter 2. Does God Exist? 33
Evolution’s Absurdities 34
The Bible Reveals the Complete Truth 37
Only God Can Convince You 39
Prophecies Given and Fulfilled 43
THE BIBLE: An Istruction Book 46
The Bible is the Supreme Law Book of God 48
How to Escape the Wrath of God 51
The Creation of Time 57
True Believers are Watchmen 62
Eternity Past 63
Chapter 3. Calendar Partriachs 69
Verbal Clues to Lineage Partterns of Biblical Spech 69
Inspired Verbs 70
Noah’s and Terah’s Sons 72
Patriarchal Periods 74
Patriarchal Periods on the Family Tree 78
The Key that Unlocks Genesis Capters 5 and 11 78
The Time Bridge 80
Parents and Partriachrs 81
Jacob: Forty Years in Haran 81
The Perfect Tally 84
Genesis Chapters 5 and 11 Are A Calendar 86
Time Begins 88
From Noah to Abraham 93
Aligning the Biblical Calendar with Our Modern Calender 98
11,013 B.C. Creation 104
Already at the Beginning, We May See God’s Prediction of the Future 113
Chapter 4. Mankind Was Created in the Image of God 119
The Creation of Animals 121
The Creation of Man 121
“Breathed” 123
“Breath” 124
“Life” 124
“Living Being” 127
“For the Dead Body” 127
Man’s Soul Impacted His Body 129
How Then Did Adam and Eve Fall Into Sin 130
In His Body, Mankind was Vulnerable 130
The Temptation Experinced by Jesus 131
The consequence of Man’s Sin 132
All Makind Was Included in Adam 136
Physical Death of Man 139
Biblical Principles We Learn From Genesis 2:7 139
The Bible’s Focus: God Saves Sinners 142
Chapter 5. 4990 B.C. The Flood – 1877 B.C. Joseph 147
The Biblical Timeline After the Flood 151
The Pre-Flood Spiritual Condition 152
No Surprise to the Remnant 154
Pre-Flood Humans 157
The Bible Answers 158
A Giant is Nearly Twice as Tall as Average People 161
The Noachian Flood Provides the Answers 162
Carbon – Radioactive Timepiece 163
Leprechauns and Elves 165
After the Flood 167
The Earth is Divided 168
The Earth’s Language is Confused 170
2092 B.C. God Begins Again with Abraham 173
2068 B.C. God Reiterates His Promise to Abraham 177
2007 B.C. Jacob is Born 178
1899 B.C. Joseph is Seventeen 181
Chapter 6. 1447 B.C. The Exodus – 931 B.C. King Solomon 187
God Sets the Stage for Israel’s Departure from Egypt 189
The Ten Plagues 191
The Death of the Firstborn 196
Israel Crosses the Red Sea 199
Laws Anticipating God’s Salvation 201
The Passover Feast 202
The Feast of Weeks 205
Very Occasionally a Translation Must be Corrected 207
The Word “Trumpet” 207
The Feast of the Seventh Month New Moon 209
The Day of Atonement 211
The Jubilee Year 215
1407 B.C. Israel Enters the Land of Canaan 218
The Crossing of the Jordan River 224
Israel Faces the Wicked Cities of Canaan 227
We Can Understand all of the Killing 229
Disaster Strikes 230
The Land of Canaan Portrays the World 232
How Terrible Is Punishment For Sin! 235
Jericho Destroyed 237
Incorrect Translation 237
More Spiritual Truth is Revealed 239
Two Jubilees 240
1047 B.C. 242
Shiloh 244
We Want a King 250
A Major Change 252
Chapter 7. 931 B.C. The Divided kingdom – 391 B.C. The Close of the Old Testament 253
Jonah 254
Looking for the Spiritual Meaning 256
Unsaved Mankind is Desperately Wicked 261
God Restrains Wickedness in the Lives of the Unsaved 261
God Gives People up to Sin 262
709 B.C. The End of the Ten Tribes 264
609 B.C. Disaster Comes to Judah 269
587 B.C. Jerusalem is Destroyed 271
Twenty-Three Kings 273
539 B.C. Babylon Conquered 277
Cyrus 282
Cambyses 284
Darius I 285
Xerxes I 286
Artaxerxes I 286
Artaxerxes II – King Ahasuerus of the Book of Esther 287
The Book of Esther – A Historical Parable 293
Chapter 8. The Numbers In The Bible 299
Numbers May Convey Spiritual Truth 302
The Numbers of the Bible Do Not Appear by Happenstance 306
Time Intervals Can Convey Spiritual Truth 312
Christ Spoke in Parables 323
Parables and the Book of Jeremiah 326
Chapter 9. 7 B.C.- A.D. 33 Christ’s Birth and Ministry 331
In Which Month Was Jesus Born? 333
More Information abouit 7 B.C. 339
A.D. 29 Jesus is Announced 342
The Announcement of the Jubilee 348
How Old Was Jesus When He Was Baptized? 351
A.D. 33 Christ is Crucified 352
Christ Arose 356
Pentecost 358
More Information about A.D. 33 360
Preliminary Outline of End-Time Events 361
Chapter 10. The Church Age and the Great Tribulation 365
New Testament Ceremonial Laws 367
Satan Impacts the Local Congregations 368
The Great Tribulation 373
Silence in Heaven 375
Outside of the Churches, There is an End to the Silence 382
“My People” Are Under God’s Judgment 383
Each and Every Local Church Is Under God’s Wrath 390
In Which Century Will The Great Tribulation Begin? 392
False Prophets Will Arise 395
The Noachian Flood Offers a Clue 397
Beloved, Be Not Ignorant 398
One Thing 399
One Day is as a Thousand Years 400
We Know When the Flood Occurred 402
Are We Now Near the End of Seven Days? 406
Judgment Day Has Already Begun 407
Revelation Chapter 2 and 3 Speak to All Local Churches throughout the Church Age 408
Who Is The Antichrist? 412
I Come Quickly 414
No One Knows the Day or Hour of Christ’s Return 416
The Feast of Tabernacles 416
The Unsaved Do Not Hear Because They Do Not Believe 420
True Believers Must Warn the World 422
Christ Has Already Come As the Judge 423
What is the Judging Process? 425
No One Can Become Saved in Any of the Local Churches 427
2,300 Days 428
The Holy Place is Made Righteous 433
The Gospel Goes Into All of the World 435
The Great Tribulation: 23 Years 436
The Chuch Age: Pentecostal Firstfruits 439
A Brief Review 440
Is There More Biblical Information? 444
What We Know Thus Far 445
Chapter 11. Patterns 449
Biblical Patterns of the Great Tribulation 450
A Brief Summary 469
Important Time Interval Relationships (Fold Out Chart) 513
Chronology of the Judges 515
Chronology of the Kings 516
Scripture Index 517