Time Has An End

by Harold Camping
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Chronology of the Judges


Chronology of the Judges*

    The Exodus1447 B.C.
    Entrance into Canaan1407 B.C.
    Initial 40 year period in Canaan
    During this period the conquest
    of Canaan occurred under Joshua,
    and Othniel delivered Israel
    1407-1367 B.C.
    Next 80-year period in Canaan
    During this period Ehud and
    Shamgar delivered Israel
    1367-1287 B.C.
    Next 40 year period in Canaan
    Deborah and Barak were
    deliverers during this period
    1287-1247 B.C.
    Gideon judged1247-1207 B.C.
    Abimelech ruled1207-1204 B.C.
    Tola judged1204-1181 B.C.
    Jair judged1181-1159 B.C.
    Jephthah judged1159-1153 B.C.
    Ibzan judged1153-1146 B.C.
    Elon judged1146-1136 B.C.
    Abdon judged1136-1128 B.C.
    Samson judged1128-1108 B.C.
    Eli judged1108-1068 B.C.
    Ark in Philistines' hands1068-1067 B.C.
    Samuel judged1067-1047 B.C.
    Saul reigned as king1047-1007 B.C.
    David reigned1007-967 B.C.
    Solomon reigned
    Foundation of temple laid
    in fourth year of Solomon's
    reign 967 B.C.
    971-931 B.C.

      * See also Adam When, chapter 5.

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